Scalada: STELAR, the atraction of the sky

Fifth and final installment of the Scalada series, STELAR is a new Cirque de Soleil poetic and acrobatic tale presented under a large tent in the heart of the Andorran capital.

See the world
from another perspective

In the world of STELAR, altitude rhymes with attitude, as the heights raise spirits. It is therefore on the highest peaks of Andorra, where the mountains meet the clouds, causing an exquisite feeling of reverse vertigo, that STELAR takes off. The show features a gallery of unique characters including the Dreamer, attracted to the life beyond the clouds, the very dogmatic Townspeople, the benevolent Giant, who has feet anchored to the ground but a head in the clouds, and the very aerial People of the Sky.

The story

Peacefully sleeping, a Dreamer is dreaming. She's dreaming of levitating above her bed and, as if by magic, she starts flying. But when she opens her eyes, she's immediately plunged into a nightmare, surrounded on all sides by a horde of invaders - the Townspeople. She is freed by an unexpected saviour, the Rebel, who manages to fight and repel the Townspeople. That's when she sees a figure walking on a wire hooked to the clouds. Slowly after beginning her slow ascent towards the sky, the Dreamer meets a mountain tribe at the summit of the mountains, who tried, by dint of fabulous incantations, to allow the Dreamer to tear herself away from the Earth's gravity. But when all her efforts have failed, a Giant suddenly emerges and, with the help of a Sherpa, helps her to cross the layer of cloud. In contact with the inhabitants of the clouds, the Dreamer finds herself endowed with strange powers. The laws of physics no longer exist; she flirts majestically with weightlessness and can finally reach her full potential. Faced with the dilemma of choosing between life in the mountains and life in the sky, at the very moment when the clouds are dissipating and the vault of heaven is finally within her reach, the Dreamer hesitates. But she realizes that even with both feet anchored to the ground, we are all connected to the infinite - to be considered, in turn and to dream, together, of greater than ourselves.

>Discover what is hiding in the clouds with Scalada: Stelar


Each scene will be carried along by the acrobatic, aerial and choreographic performances, which will evoke unmistakable aspects of Andorra

Danielle Labrie's environments for STELAR are both pure and bold. Through clever designs and modular elements, simple stenographic statements create a powerful effect and transport the audience across surreal worlds. The new stage layout offers a new perspective and brings everyone closer to the action, delivering a more intimate big-top-like experience.

The soundtrack created by Felix-Antoine Couturier feels very cinematographic while tapping in both classical, pop, and folk roots. Music has always been a great tool for Cirque du Soleil to help convey the narrative, and this show is no exception. It was important for us to create original songs that would deliver the fantastic and energy in each scene.

The costumes this year form a clever bridge between the classic legacy of Cirque du Soleil costumes and modern avant-garde fashion. Yso Siphay Southidara's, specially made designs, bring STELAR's characters to life in an impressive way.

This year, Finnish designer Mikki Kunttu is designing the lights for STELAR. His voluptuous style and innovative vision pair beautifully with our two-way central stage. And this year's concept -with no projection content- is ideal to let the lighting design shine (pun intended) and almost become a character in itself.

Under Edesia Moreno Barata's trained eye, all our high-level acrobatic acts are reworked and choreographed so our artist's prowess's can really translate the epic story of STELAR. She uses her deep knowledge of Cirque du Soleil's acrobatics to bring the extraordinary of human performance to a higher level.

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